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Our Journey

The desire in Volker and Naraleska for prayer rooms in the Caribbean emerge in 2008 in the Island of Curacao when they started to have 24/7

but the name CPR (Caribbean Prayer rooms) came in 2015 when they both were in St. Vincent and the Granadines and God spoke to them to go to Barbados and build the prayer room with the promise that God wants to do CPR to the body of Christ to revive and to bringing back into the place of intimacy.

CPR is the expression of God`s heart to arise the royal priesthood of the Caribbean and spread out the fragance before His throne. We believe that God is longing for the flavor of the worship of the Islands.


Pebble Beach
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We started to grow and connect with people with the same passion. As Jamaica House of Prayer, an organization with years building a tabernacule with amazing intercessory missionaries.

Since 2017 we begun with our Gatherings, with the purpose to connect and enlarge our tent in the nations. Every year we discover more about this adventure and we are adding more people to this exciting journey. As well our friends from IHOPmiami blended with our vision.

Image by Philip Graves

In 2018 a team from 1/11 global came to equip our community with the model of Harp & Bowl. Barbados, St.vincent and Jamaica are the spots for CPR.

In 2019, in our third gathering. We met more friends from another Islands. Martinique and Dominican Republic started to run worship and intercession as prayer rooms. 

Always new connections in different Islands are happening, where pastors and leaders are longing for the beginning of the prayer room in their own Islands. in 2020 our prayer where answered when Bahamas opened officially the prayer room and added to our family.

And we know that there is more to come!


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