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  • Located in Barbados

    volker & Naraleska

    Volker and His wife are the founders of CPR (Caribbean Prayer Rooms) Volker is originally from Germany while his wife is from Venezuela. they have 5 wonderful kids and they have dedicated most of their life to being missionaries in YWAM where they are still part. 


  • Located in Dominican Republic

    Emmanuel Montero

    A worshipper and great musician from Haiti, He has a heart for prophetic worship. He has been part of our community since 2019 as founder of the prayer room in Dominican Republic at the base of YWAM Villa Mella called "Fuente de paz". He and the team in the base are committed to arise worship and intercession for the Island (Dominican republic and Haiti)  

  • Located in Jamaica

    Harry & Rosamund Walcott

    They are the founders and pastors of Jamaica House of Prayer with more than 10 years building 24/7 in the Island. They count with a staff team of worshippers, intercessors dedicated full-time to the ministry


  • Located in Guyana

    philip Frances

    The actual leader of the prayer room in YWAM Guyana.

  • Located in St.Vincent

    Juliette Campbel & Mandella Peterson

    Juliette and Her mom, Mandella have years as faithful ones standing in prayer and intercession for St. Vincent and the Granadines. They are having prayer meetings as home gatherings.  

  • Located in Bahamas

    Kersch & Suzette Darville

    Since 2020 The Darvilles started to run the prayer room in Bahamas, as an answer to our prayers. They don't have livestream yet but looking forward to show you more.  

  • Located in Martinique

    Daniel Chery

    Since 2019, our amazing and heavenly connection with Daniel begun, starting the prayer room in Martinique, a spoken french island. He is a passionate worshipper and excellent musician in the piano. His passion is for let the Holy Spirit move with freedom and fire.  

  • Located in Barbados

    David Rowe

    A wonderful musician and harpist as well! David have been on board for some years already. He is a great teacher. He started with a prayer room and Psalmist academy called David's Harp in Bridgetown, Barbados. now He joined as staff in YWAM. 


Gabriela Camargo

Other Partners

They are part of our community, most of them from the beginning. They support the vision and they are serving in different ways to make it happen.

Steffon Josey (IHOPmiami)

Carlos Sarmiento

OHOP (Orlando)


Amanda Frye (IHOPKC)

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