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                                                        The Lord is building His house and we are so glad to walk by His side.

The vision of CPR is beautiful and how it came about, is an exciting Story that I will tell you when we sit together one day! 

In short of course you see that CPR is a word game. It stands for Caribbean Prayer Rooms and for Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation .

We believe that we are in a time that God is doing CPR to the body of Christ.

He is reviving us in the place of intimacy and adoration where He makes us, His bride, ready and beautiful.

What a Time to be alive!!!


Here on this website you find a little representation of our Caribbean House of Prayer family and ways to connect and come alongside

this beautiful vision! 


We are looking forward to see you along the way, or in one of our gatherings schools seminars and zoom calls! 



GATHERING February 2024
Montego Bay, Jamaica

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